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The Pre-Health Pathways Advisor, Dr. J, is located within the Student Success Center in Surbeck. She is here to help guide you through your chosen pre-health pathway and works in conjunction with your academic advisor to get you ready for a career in a health profession. She also serves as an advisor for the Future Health Science Professionals club on campus.

To help our students prepare for careers in the health professions, we designed a free, voluntary co-curricular program known as Roadmap to Pre-Health Experience in Volunteering, Education, Research, & Shadowing (PHEVERS...pronounced "fevers"). This program gives our pre-health students access to opportunities that will help them to develop the Pre-Health Pathways Competencies that we expect all of our students to have by the time they leave SD Mines. The Roadmap to PHEVERS also helps students to gain a deeper understanding of health careers and to connect with both peers and professionals here in Rapid City.

There is no time limit for completing your Roadmap to PHEVERS at SD Mines nor are there any restrictions regarding when a student is able to start the program. Students must be currently enrolled, but do not have to be degree-seeking to apply to the program. The program is voluntary and free to all SD Mines students. To complete the program, students must:

  • Attend monthly meetings for training and gaining relevant career information
  • Accrue at least 200 hours of volunteering (50 of those hours must be medically-relevant)
  • Participate in 6 different kinds of pre-health learning events
  • Participate in 4 different kinds of outreach activities
  • Be involved in at least one scientific research project and present the work to others in a formal, non-classroom setting (e.g. poster presentation, oral presentation, formal report, or scientific publication)
  • Shadow at least 2 professionals in different healthcare roles for a minimum of 50 hours
  • Submit reflections on PHEVERS activities as assigned and participate in surveys or other forms of assessment for the program

As a member of the program, you will become part of a cohort of pre-health students with similar career interests. You will also gain access to a database of local providers and be paired with professionals practicing in careers of interest to each student. Additionally, you will be connected to opportunities for research, volunteering, and professional development. Completing the Roadmap to PHEVERS will help you to be a more competitive applicant for professional programs, allow you to understand the healthcare system at a deeper level, and assist you in building your professional network of colleagues and local professionals.

Interested students should contact Dr. J for additional information. Students can apply to the Roadmap to PHEVERS program by submitting this form.

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